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“Adventure is not outside man, it is within.”
― George Eliot / Mary Anne Evans

Some things you

need to know

Q: Isn't this just for kids?

A: Not at all! Though this is enjoyed by

      some children, this type of interaction is

      used by Millions of adults all over the

      world, and the content is modified to

      suit the target audience

Q: Is this "Dungeons and Dragons"?

A: No. Though Dungeons and Dragons is

      a Roleplaying system, it is not the only


      We use whichever system is best suited

      for any particular group, and sometimes

      that is D&D. However in many instances

      we use our own proprietary system,

      which was designed with certain

      specific requirements in mind.

Q: Do I need to dress up?


A: Though the term roleplay is used in this

     activity, the "Dress up" variety is called

     Live Action Roleplay, and is not what

     these sessions are about. Having said

     that, if you would like to dress as your

     character for a session, we would

     certainly love to see your creation in the


Q: Is this difficult?

A: Not difficult but certainly challenging.

      The point of these workshops are to

      exercise your imagination and social

      skills, and while these may take a little

      time to get used to, they are ultimately

      a lot of fun and the opportunity for

      organic and dynamic development is


requently asked Questions


Q: Do I have to have previous experience?

A:  Previous experience is not necessary at

       all, though not unwelcome. All topics

       will be explained by the workshops

       facilitator and all scenarios will be

       guided to prevent players feeling


Q: Can I do this with my kids?

A: Absolutely! This is a great opportunity

      for a bit of roleplay, and perhaps role

      reversal between siblings and parents

      who want to explore complicated 

      issues in a non-threatening way, to have

      fun, or both

Q: How long do the sessions last?

A: There are generally no time limits set to

     a session, though 3 hours seems to be a

     good place to end a session. This may

     seem like a long time but due to the

     nature of the workshop, these sessions

     fly by with most participants asking for

     the session to continue, or for follow up


Q: Do I need any equipment?

A: All equipment is provided by the

      Facilitator as well as anything you might

      keep after the session, though if you

      wish you may purchase your own

      polyhedral dice for use in the session.

If you have any of your own questions, why not email them to us at

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