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First and foremost, our goal is to give individuals who struggle with communication, a new an exciting way to engage with other people, regardless of skill or ability.

Roleplay is a wonderful way to achieve this, and many people all around the world, come together in groups to spend time with one another, and socialise in a way that modern media still hasn't been able to replicate, face to face.

But what if you live with a condition that has made this difficult for you to achieve?

People living with various limiting conditions, are often excluded from numerous activities due to the lack of resources available.

We have challenged this situation by being as inclusive as possible and by gathering, and in some instances, creating resources that would allow a wide variety of individuals access to the world of roleplay.

From building relationships with members of various charitable communities, people willing to add their experience and skills to a project, to finding new and interesting ways to reach and accommodate the needs of individuals, we have created a series of systems that maximise the level of inclusion as much as possible.

We cater to the visually and hearing impaired, as well as members of the ASD community and people that  have mobility limitations.


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