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We create workshops for people that have specific needs, and as such we strive to build our workshops in such a way that they enhance and encourage the use of existing coping strategies. We also strive to find new and interesting ways to build on the clients current toolset by introducing new methods to use these existing mechanisms,. 

Sessions will allow clients to practice existing communication and social skills, and in the process, enhance the clients personal lexicon to achieve these goal.

inclusive Workshops
Trauma Informed Roleplay

Workshops and sessions are designed to be as stress free as possible, working with the client and professionals to safely approach areas of  concern, while keeping the workshops fun.


These workshops are usually held in smaller groups, which may include carers or other professionals, and are created specifically for a group, focusing on the client’s needs, and allowing them the freedom to explore the space in a safe way.


If you, or the group you work with have  specific needs, send us an email and we will work with you to create a role playing experience uniquely customized to your requirements.

Problem Solving

Quests! An old fashioned word for an everyday event! Problems solving is a major factor in role playing, whether its finding a way to convince a team mate to see things your way, solving a challenging puzzle, or resolving a difficult situation, the opportunities and variety of solutions are based entirely on the players imagination. These activities promote creative thinking, teamwork and the chance to view familiar things from another persons perspective.



The desire to achieve goals and the opportunity to do so is tied into almost every decision you make in the game. Players work as a team and the value of each player comes into focus when a task best suited to them is encountered. They and only they can make the decision or action to help the group progress, and the sense of accomplishment achieved after a tricky situation, follows the player long after the game has concluded. The repetition of these types of actions builds confidence in a player that might not otherwise have felt they could attempt any of the tasks required of them. In game confidence will lead to personal confidence in a wide variety of social interactions away from the game session.

Visually impared

We have had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of children, including those that have the additional challenge of being visually impaired. To help make the gaming experience more fun, and help them take ownership of the process, we have designed braille character sheets which allow the players to keep track of their game without having to rely on others fro help. We have also had specially printed braille dice produced for use in session, and use more auditory elements to better immerse the players in the sessions. All these elements combined make for a more accessible experience for this group of players.




Roleplay introduces participants to a multitude of situations that vary in complexity and stressors. These scenarios built into the  narratives under the control of the facilitator, and as such can be modified as needs evolve.


Intervention by the facilitator protects participants from the negative effects of a crisis situation, allowing the user to safely process the information and return to a pre-crisis status, but also presents an opportunity for the participant to rise to challenges and exercise their cognitive and reasoning skills.


Roleplaying games is a communal experience where the close proximity to other players requires each person to take stock of their interactions with other players. This puts a subtle demand on each player to interact with their fellow players in a way that furthers their own goals and that of the group. Positive communication methods will emerge and positive outcomes to scenarios are the measure by which players will be able to gauge their success, leading to a better understanding of social situations and how to navigate them effectively.



Each person in a group will have unique skills available only to them, innate abilities that when used creatively, creates an exciting opportunity to tell a part of the story in a way that only they can! The realisation that only you can solve a puzzle, open a chest, or push a boulder out of the way, and the fact that all your team members believe in you and your abilities, is a feeling that players will experience many times, reinforcing a self image of a person that can cope under any situation because they are awesome!

These situations are some of the many aspects of roleplay, that help the players boost their own idea of what and who they are, and the great value they hold in the minds of their peers.

Empathy and Mindfulness

Being present in the moment, absorbing information and nuance. These key skills are developed and honed when observing and taking part in conversations between players and their characters.

We help to scrutinise and disseminate those interactions, and work them into digestible chunks which are easier to understand.


Immersion in the environments and worlds our workshops take place in, help develop mindfulness and reflective practice, and the narratives of each of our sessions are written in a way to maximise the clients opportunities to practice these skills. 

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