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Our main concern when developing these  sessions, was to make an online roleplaying experience that was a safe space for children to engage in the hobby.

The sessions are facilitated by a DBS checked Games co-ordinator, with many years experience working within safeguarding boundaries and good practice.

Our second requirement was FUN and  the need to bring people together in a safe, accessible space, using technology and story telling to create an experience as close to a traditional communal game as possible.

Child Safety On-line

Whether you are home-schooling, waiting out the weather, or stuck indoors due to any number of reasons, these sessions were created with you in mind. Just because you are sitting at home, doesn't mean you cant fight a dragon or sail the seven seas!

The sessions are custom built for the players involved, and are limited to 4 places per group. This is to maximise player interaction, and minimise any stress the players may feel by being in a larger group.

Players will be guided though the process in a pre-session one-on-one chat, explaining the software, safety guidelines and rules of the game.

Sessions are held weekly on a regular day and time, with a short debrief at the end of each session.

Depending on the needs and requirements of the group, activities can be included as a way to keep the players engaged throughout the week. This could be in the form of weekly challenges like brainteasers and riddles or craft projects ideas, and will vary depending on the group.

Adventure Packs

As an additional element to the online workshops we are developing an adventure pack, filled with themed craft based activities.

These packs are addressed and mailed to the player, and will have an envelope for each week of the adventure, with fun activities and challenges for them to complete between sessions.

These will be made available for an additional cost once the design and contents have been finalised.

required Resources

Players will need a computer or laptop that has audio capability, either with a built in mic or an external plugin mic. Video is not essential but helpful if possible.

A reliable internet connection is also needed as well as an account on either Fantasy Grounds or Roll20 , both of which are online virtual table top systems. The free DEMO accounts is all that is needed as we have the full version that does not require our players to spend money on a subscription. 

For Video and Audio, we use Zoom, and depending on the players preference, video can be disabled.


Cost and booking

To arrange a consultation

oNLINE Workshops

Sessions are booked in blocks of 4, to guarantee the player has a seat in the weeks ahead, and to prevent any disappointment due to unavailability.

Each session lasts for 2 hours, and A block of four 2 hour sessions (8 hours total) is £80 for an individual booking, with participants being  placed with others of a similar age.

For one on one session please contact us for pricing and availability.

To check availability and book your workshop, or just ask a question, you can email us at

Please remember to include your name and the name of the person wishing to play, as well as any special requirements or needs they may have along with their age, this is so we can best match them with an appropriate group.

Sessions are limited and we will do our best to match you up as quickly as possible with a group that is best suited to your player.


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