Giving Back to the Community

Because we think Roleplay is an amazing tool, and because we know it is sometimes inaccessible to those that need it, we are always on the lookout for opportunities to partner with groups that work within the community. 

We have dedicated a percentage of our resources to socially driven activities, designed to engage various groups in the medium of Roleplaying games. 

While these are delivered free of charge, they are no less creative, and the same energy we pour into our corporate and therapeutic sessions will be on display here.

We have been lucky to build links with many wonderful people in the Roleplaying community,

and these friendships allow us to bring an enhanced experience to our community project workshops.


Dungeons and Dragons!!!

The wonderful folks at Dungeons and Dragons have been kind enough to donate a number of items to our workshops, which ordinarily would have been out of reach for a project like this.

You can visit their website here to find out more about them. 


The Goblin's Chest as happy to work with  The Man Den, a London based social group that connects young boys without a positive male presence in their lives.

Their aim is "to provide a safe and nurturing environment built around a strong sense of brotherhood thereby eradicating the need for boys to enter gangs".


The group meets monthly in the Leytonstone area and has had an amazing impact on the lives of the young people who take part.

For more information on them and their wonderful work, CLICK HERE!



The DOTS RPG Project

The DOTS RPG Project are an amazing Charity group based in the United states, who create and produce Roleplaying content and resources for the Blind.

Apart from the wonderful transcribing that do, They have also designed and supplied Braille Dice to various groups, allowing more inclusion and a sense of ownership for the visually impaired people that love Roleplay! 

We are proud to be involved with this project, and are "transcribing" printed maps into tctile maps for use in their games.

For more information on them and their wonderful work, CLICK HERE!



Getting involved

If you or your group are interested in working with us in some capacity, please send us email. We are always interested in expanding our systems and services and would love to hear from you.

Similarly, if your group would like us to run a workshop with you, please include in your email what type of organisation you are, and any details you think are relevant then we can start the glorious channels of communication


To arrange a consultation