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Relax with a nice cool glass of VICTORY! 

Work is stressful, whether its deadlines or a strained relationship in the workplace, the numerous pressures of a professional environment can become overwhelming, that is until you fling open that magic tome and cast a flaming ball of fire right into that cluster of proverbial goblins!


This may seem like a little unusual but the positive effects of roleplay have been seen in multiple environments, from schools and universities, to prisons.

We work with companies interested in fostering better working relationships among their employees, and create a unique experience for them to best highlight the strengths of their team.

The workshops can take place in a day, or over multiple sessions if the benefits of this style of workshop work well with the teams involved.

Another option is to setup a regular session with staff that takes place after work but on site, that bring staff together in a familiar environment, and make it a safe place for them to explore complex issues, and some not so complex ones.  

interactive Team

Our teambuilding workshops aim to:


Create a dynamic relationship between team members based on mutual respect and appreciation.

Encourage creative problem solving and Blue Sky thinking through challenging scenarios and complex ethical encounters

Draw the participants into a narrative quickly and completely, making them an integral part of the narrative and keeping them engaged throughout the session.

Using dynamic storytelling techniques, create a synergy between the plot of the workshop and the free agency of the participants.

At all time the Participants have the choice to engage with the world, and how they engage will determine the consequences they will later have to deal with.

This allows the participant to take ownership of their choices and build on leadership skills, while simultaneously taking into account the abilities of the rest of their team and how to best implement them.

As there are no clear leadership roles narratively speaking, it is up to the group to act as a cohesive unit to achieve the goals they are set, and as each participant has a unique set of skills, they will all have an opportunity to take on a leading role during the session.

If you have any questions, contact us via email and we can work with you to build a training or teambuilding package that best suits your needs.

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