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Private sessions

Roleplay is a great way to engage with friends and family, especially in a familiar setting.

Whether its battling terrible creatures on the high sea's, escaping hordes of the undead, or solving the riddle of the Amber Sphinx, the possibilities for a unique bonding experience, are almost limitless.

We will get you started on your adventure with a series of workshops, designed to get the creative juices flowing! 

These workshops offer a level of engagement that other forms of interaction have not yet been able to achieve. The mix of story telling, face to face interaction and open world setting, brings out creativity and opens up new ways to communicate with those close to you! 

They can also offer an insight into parts of yourself and those around you, that sometimes require real bravery to reveal.

Whatever your reason for embarking on this adventure, your journey will be unique and filled with fun and discovery!

Fighting with your Family!

Quality time with family is an important element of family life that modern living is reluctant to allow us.

Why not make an appointment with adventure, and allow us to facilitate a new way for you and your loved ones to engage with one another.

Elements that have been raised unsuccessfully in the past could be re addressed in a narrative setting, where the group works together to overcome challenges and learn to see things from another point of view, drawing their own conclusions and thereby creating a more personal connection to the issues raised.


Family session could also provide a chance for confidence building in the form of role reversal, with the youngest given an opportunity to lead the decision making process of the group.

A world of your own

As a way to spend time with friends, roleplaying games have been an effective method of hanging out for many years.

Building even stronger relationships through collaborative play, and perhaps learning more about people you already know well.

Without the hassle of finding a venue or appropriate attire, we offer a house-call service, where your home becomes your castle.

All materials are provided and sessions can be booked in blocks so an adventure can be enjoyed and completed over a number of sessions, leaving you to enjoy the company of good friends in a thoroughly entertaining way. 

To arrange a  a consultation

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