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But what is
Tabletop Role-Playing?

This is a question we hear often, even though it may be asked non-verbally.

How it works, what the structure is, and how it benefits the client, all important elements. So lets talk about it... 

The Table

In our sessions, everyone sits around a table and interacts face to face, an important difference to most interactions experienced by many people today.

Here the players can interact directly with each other, picking up all the verbal and non-verbal cues missing from electronic mediums, and practice useful social skills and relationship building.

The close proximity to others places a gentle demand on the players to interact with each other, and over time these interactions become more confident.


Playing a Role

Before beginning, each player creates a character, and interacts with the game world as that character. But it is more than that. It is the opportunity work alongside the other players, and tell a cool story together, to be the best version of yourself without fear, even if you happen to be a goblin named Skrag.

This gives the players the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of another person, and learn lessons only their experiences could teach. Each player would have personal goals, and in the open world setting of the game, these can be accomplished based on the decisions of the player.

The players have the power to change the world they live in based on their actions and decisions, informing the course of the story they all find themselves in. This makes teamwork and communication an important element, because when group goals are set, and players are able to recognise their own value, and that of the other players, plans can be made to achieve these common goals.


These characters are unique to each player, and have skills, backgrounds and abilities which are recorded on a character sheet which is used throughout the game. Portrayal of that character, their voice , mannerisms and quirks, is left to the player to decide, but we encourage the players to try, by being as authentic in our portrayal of in world characters as we can be.

The Game

What is a game? Generally speaking it is an activity that one or more people take part in for the sake of enjoyment . Often there are rules or guidelines, and an objective or goal which all the players try to achieve while having fun.

This is no different , though the method of achieving the goals and the goals themselves are open to change based on the creativity of the players.

There are rules and structure, but it's key strength is the flexibility to accommodate ideas not thought of in its original design.

The Goblin's Chest uses a number of different rules and systems based on the group of players. One of our  systems is based on the popular Dungeons and Dragons game, originally created in the 1970's. We also use dice to determine whether the actions taken are successful during the game, giving the experience a predictable unpredictability.

At its core Roleplay is cooperative and the players are encouraged to view it that way. Though the decisions are still theirs, the games master is mindful of the particular real world challenges the players face, and moderates the session goals and challenges to best enhance their personal growth.

Tabletop Role-Playing Games

Put all of that in a mixing pot and what you have created is a fun social activity, with rules and structure, that players can use to learn skills and grow as they interact with a world that changes  based on their decisions and needs, while still being unpredictable and exciting!

What was just described was a baseline outcome for tabletop role-playing games as a whole, and with the thought and care we put into the narratives we create, we can ensure an experience tailored to your needs, whether they are purely for having fun as a family or group of friends, or to become the creative, confident, and social people you want to be.

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