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Here are some comments and testimonials from parents, participants and professionals who have either taken part, or made use of our workshops.

"Seeing Rupert work is magical. Utilising art, design, music and drama, he captivates the attention of children transporting them into a world of imaginary play. Witnessing children engaging with Rupert, shows the process of mindfulness in action. The children become carefree, forgetting about their immediate and ongoing worries. They are immersed in activities for hours and often perplexed at how fast the time has gone. Rupert shows sensitivity towards the needs of the children by tailoring the activities to increase confidence, promote team co-operation and develop social awareness in a child-friendly way."

- Kiki Adetunji MBPsS - Assistant Psychologist

"The variation of characters that the Games Master portrays are so convincing, we were absolutely absorbed in the story."

- Sammy, Leytonstone

"Lovely bonding experience with the boys over some casual mayhem! Great for them to really let loose in a safe way!"

- Jerome, Wanstead 


"I have enjoyed my own experience of playing Dungeons & Dragons, a world famous role game, with Rupert from The Gobling Chest.  He has got the ability to develop exciting, detailed and creative adventures. Everything is looked with great attention. He has also got a great awareness of participants' needs during the game and is able to keep a whole group entertained for numerous hours. In addition, I think that his project has got a lot of value for a wide range of people. Role games, when developed in a safe and creative space, can have enormous benefits for both children and adults, such as giving the opportunity for individuals to shape and express their emotions, wishes, dreams and to develop important interpersonal skills."

- Claudio Parreti - Psychologist

"I have never seen such delight on my grandchild's face as when Rupert takes him on a journey of imagined adventures, the stimulation in his brain seems palpable."

- Adrienne, Ilford


"We thought we'd try a new way for our family to have quality time together, this surpassed out expectations, we haven't stopped talking about it, we can wait to have him round again."

- Eileen, Islington


"Great game, just great! Had a blast, loads of fun, cant believe I didn't try it sooner!"

- Andrew, Hoxton


"I didn't realise my sons math skills would improve so rapidly through the enjoyment of the point system, such a great side effect."

- Sean, Hampstead

If you would like to know more about what we do, or would like to book a workshop with us, why not get in touch by clicking the consultation button at the top of the page.

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