What is
The Goblin's Chest?

The Goblin's Chest is a workshop provider who uses table top role-playing games to encourage positive social and communication skills in people of all ages.


for children and young people who see the world in a different way!


Problem Solving

Empathy &




Self Worth

Role play adventure workshops

Why Tabletop Role-Play
And how it could work for you

With our experienced facilitators running the sessions, this form of play has a multitude of benefits, such as:

  • Practice creative problem solving

  • Resilience and flexibility experience

  • Experiential training

  • Practice mindfulness and empathy.

  • Effective communication skills

  • Teamwork and social skills

  • Combat anxiety and shyness

  • Encouraging individuals to view situations from another persons perspective.

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Our table top role-play workshops have been designed to increase creativity, confidence, and resilience as well as enhancing social skills in a fun way!


The Goblin

Artist, author, maker and designer, Rupert has worked in many disciplines and industries, each giving a slightly different perspective on the creative and communication process.

Working with young people since 2007, at first presenting comic creation workshops, then later using art to engage with some of the most  vulnerable children in the UK, Rupert decided to create the Goblin's Chest. 

His experience working dynamically with young people, is boosted by a frenetic imagination, and his passion for positive outcomes for kids struggling with situations out of their control.

Existing and Past clients

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