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As rising water laps at your face, a glint of light catches your eye below the surface..

Sounds of a waterfall or woodland glade, the dimly lit interior of a cave or tavern, these are elements that are reproducible in a workshop setting, and perform well as a transitioning medium from physical reality to the reality of the world in which the adventure takes place. Though not essential, these seemingly minor tools can make a massive difference to the immersion of the player in the session.

The importance of sound in film has been well established to enhance the visual elements of the medium, and it is no less powerful in a Roleplay setting.

Immersion therefore is a key part of the roleplay session. Whether achieved by pure story telling, the use of sounds and lighting or the participants own willingness to engage, immersion is achieved and the session takes on a new dimension for the individual.

The world and its people become relatable on a higher level and all the aspects of their lives become integral parts in the players own journey. Personal investment in the well being of others, as well as the consequences of the players own actions, become an important factor when considering pre-existing viewpoints within the session.

Challenging sometimes negative or toxic attitudes and beliefs, can be more easily addressed when personal feelings are not confronted directly, but a steady reinforcement of more appropriate behaviours can be instituted with the use of kind acts that are relatable to the physical world.

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