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You come across a circle of hooded figures in the forest, the shadows obscuring their features...

Uncertainty is everywhere but in a workshop it provides me an opportunity to challenge myriad preconceptions. The hooded figures could be anyone and I like to throw in the odd red herring to make my players realise that things are not always as they appear, that the outward appearance or behaviour of a character is not always indicative of that characters...character.

These sorts of in game experiences might give them the tools to re evaluate their own past experiences and perhaps even their own actions and behaviour. The point I try to make however subtly, is that assigning our personal ideas to a situation or person other than ourselves, might not result in the outcome we would like, and to at least try to see things from a slightly different point of view.

The hooded figures may indeed be a murderous cabal of interdimensional assassins, or they may be members of the local Tea Drinkers Anonymous, meeting in secret because tea is seen as an abomination to be eradicated. The opportunities for dialog are endless and until motivations on both sides are understood, that dialog is the best opportunity to understand the world the player finds themselves in.

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